International Grand Prix

rider and trainer

Emma Weinert

International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer


Emma Weinert is an Australian Grand Prix rider and trainer based with Steffen and Shannon Peters in San Diego, USA. Along with her top two horses, Velvet and Zidane, Emma has made her mark on the international dressage circuit, most recently with a Grand Prix Special win at the Festival of the Horse CDI*** in California.


A friendly, supportive and enthusiastic trainer, Emma loves teaching riders who are interested in a sensitive way of riding. Emma’s style is ideal for riders who want their horses responsive to the lightest possible aids, and who are looking for softness, suppleness and absolute self-carriage.

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Emma’s clinic was a game-changer for me. Her patience and kindness helped me forget the gallery watching me work through my issues. I’d love to work with Emma more!

Lucy Knorr

Salt Lake City, Utah