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Our Glenorie, Australia, property is now home to an awesome Greystone Maxi Vac!! You HAVE to try one of these poo vacs! 

Here are the five reasons why we’ve ditched the spade brigade for good…


It used to take two people most of the day to pick up the manure from all our paddocks. With the Maxi Vac, it’s done by ONE person in ONE hour!


Powerful suction makes it super effective. It picks up every bit of manure with no mucking around (pun intended), but it doesn’t get stuck sucking on the ground.


It doesn’t need emptying often (it has an 800 litre capacity)


The suction tube is sooooo light and easy to manage


It’s very easy to start and handle – anyone can do it.

We had some fun this summer using the Maxi Vac for the first time, check out the video 🙂  If you’re keen to see the Maxi Vac in action at our Glenorie, Sydney property, get in touch via Brian Weinert

Emma is proudly supported by Greystone.