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Believe it or not, this is the question I’m asked the most often! So many people want to know how I keep my horses’ manes looking good. I’m afraid there’s no magic tricks, but here are the six things I do to keep my horses’ manes healthy, shiny and flat.

I don’t cover the mane with blankets (rugs) – so no hoods, no neck rugs! When I moved from Australia to the US, I realised that hoods and neck rugs are far less common. Sometimes, of course, you need the covering for bugs and so on, but I find, where possible, nude is best!

I spray with a good quality detangler before brushing. I use Mane ‘n’ Tail brand, you can get this almost anywhere and it’s brilliant!

Mane n tail

I use a brush with soft bristles, like this one from Mary’s Tack and Feed Hard combs or stiff brushes rip and damage the mane. I only ever use these flexible brushes on manes and tails.

I never pull the mane.

I keep the mane trimmed. First, I cut the dry (never wet) mane blunt to the desired length (I like my manes a little longer for larger braids), then cut little triangles or ‘V’s up into the bottom of the mane to create a feathered finish. The highest section of the mane, towards the poll, always needs more feathering as it’s usually the thickest part.

I ensure my horses get all the nutrients they need for healthy and shiny manes, by feeding HiForm supplements. I’ve never found better products, these are the bomb!

That’s it! Simple, right?